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About Reizen Ensemble
Reizen Ensemble (www.reizenensemble.com) is an exciting contemporary and new music group from New York City with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for the beautiful. Founded and fronted by Soprano and Artistic Director Patricia Sonego (www.patriciasonego.com), the group has a unique focus on works for voice with instruments, sometimes incorporating electronics and improvisation. The group consists of an outstanding ensemble of musicians, chief among them being the co-director and co-founder, flutist Christine Perea (www.homepages.nyu.edu/~cib204). As a noted specialist in improvisation and extended flute techniques, Ms. Perea plays a number of flutes, often with electronics. Among these is the bass flute, the alto flute, the quarter-tone flute and the glissando headjoint, with which she masterfully realizes a vast and varied array of tonal textures and expression.

"Reizen", pronounced "rights-n", is a German verb that means "to excite, stimulate, entice, attract, fascinate, charm" and "to provoke or irritate" - a perfect word for contemporary classical and avant garde music! The ensemble has a core membership of soprano Patricia Sonego, flutist Christine Perea, violist Stephanie Griffin, cellist Alistair MacRae, double bassist Troy Rinker, and pianist Hiromi Abe. George Brunner is composer-in-residence and performer for all electronics and sound diffusion. Guest performers, among who include violinist Yuri Vodovoz, clarinetist Enid Blount, percussionists Morris Lang, Mike McCurdy, JoAnne Maffia and Brian Willson, and pianist Joseph Bartolozzi, appear with the ensemble to fulfill the demands of larger works.

Reizen Ensemble is newly formed and will premier many works written or arranged for the group by American and international composers. Eric Lyon, Terry Winter Owens, George Brunner, Phillip Schroeder, Allen Molineaux and Beth Anderson have so far provided commissions for the group. Currently the ensemble-in-residence for Forecast Music (www.forecastmusic.org), Reizen Ensemble also performs works by Forecast composers Eric Schwartz and James Barry. Other repertoire includes works by American composer Ralph Shapey, Scottish-American composer Thea Musgrave, Australian composers Padma Newsome and Michael Smetnin, British composer and bassist Tony Osborne, and American composers Robert Morris, Mark Zuckerman, Joseph Bartolozzi, and Tom Nazziola.

Reizen Ensemble is performing Thursday, November 3rd at 8pm in The Great Auditorium at ART/South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY, between Atlantic Ave. and Hanson Place (2 Blocks from the BAM - near all major subway lines). Tickets are $10 at the door. The event marks the Opening Night of the Forecast Music Annual Concert Series. The exciting program includes "Boondoggle" by Forecast Music composer James Barry, featuring the virtuosic guest violinist Yuri Vodovoz with Reizen Ensemble members Alistair MacRae on cello and Hiromi Abe on piano; "Movement for Percussion & Flute Duo" by Ian Moss with percussionists Mike McCurdy and Jonathan Shapiro and Reizen Ensemble flutist Christine Perea; "Motet on Doo-Dah" by famed American composer Robert Morris with Reizen Ensemble members Christine Perea on flute, Hiromi Abe on piano and Troy Rinker on bass; the world premier of Forecast Music composer Eric Schwartz's "Shame", an emotionally charged experimental piece constructed on the reports from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, performed by Reizen Ensemble with percussionist Mike McCcurdy; and the world premier of "Deer Park"by Eric Lyon (http://arcana.dartmouth.edu/~eric/REIZEN/), for soprano, flute and string trio, written for Reizen Ensemble soprano Patricia Sonego, with Reizen Ensemble members flutist Christine Perea, violist Stephanie Griffin, cellist Alistair MacRae and bassist Troy Rinker. The concert is just over an hour. Come spend an hour with us and experience with us the beautiful sounds and sights of new music!

If you wish to be on the Reizen Ensemble mailing list please send your name and email address to info@reizenensemble.com.

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